KDSI produces vacuum tray dries for drying sensitive materials, which are easily solved, polymerize or worse under high temperature. The heat-sensitive material can be dried at low temperatures under vacuum, because the environmental pressure under the vapor pressure of the contained water or solvents decreases. Oxidation or contamination is eliminated by air. Ideally suited for dry holes such as hollow fibers, medical devices, chemical salts, fine chemicals, dice, glutular products, pharmaceuticals and food extracts (gluten, glues, pepsin), rubber explodes etc.


  • Temperature up to 3500C
  • Microprocessor based controller
  • Dial type pressure gauge (Digital pressure gauge as an option)
  • Pressure release valve in the steam line.
  • Doors have hinged with silicon gaskets
  • Equipped with vacuum brake valve and drain valve
  • Built-in timer and touch-button control allows quick and simple temperature setting.


  • Preheating Process
  • Drugs, chemical, powder drying
  • Sterilizing

Glassware Drying



Model: KDSI/TD-2418
Number of Trays 12 Trays
Tray Size in inch 24x18x2
Dummy Shelves 1
Trays per shelves 1
Temp. Range Up to 350 deg.C
Construction Inner :- Stainless Steel (304)
Outer :- GIPC
Doors Mild Steel , w/ inter lock & glass wool insulation
Hinges Stainless Steel
Heating Material Water / Fluid
Heating Shelves SS / Hollow Pad type, amazed for essential heat transfer
Trays Food Grade Stainless Steel
Insulation Thick glass wool
Controls PID Controller
Temp. Display LED/LCD Display
Vacuum gauge The dial type on the vacuum chamber
Temperature Indicator Digital
Pressure release valve Yes
Vacuum break valve Yes
Limit Switch Yes
Accessories Caster wheels
Power supply 220/240 Volts AC
Optional – Dot Matrix Printer interface
– Temperature chart recorder
– PLC Controller
– Stainless steel outer cabinet
– Audio / visual alarm
– IQ, OQ, PQ and DQ documentation
– Extra shelves
– Heating Thermostat
– NABL Certification
– Manufacturer calibration certificate


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