Our Mortuary chambers are designed for long-term storage in conceptual and clean and calm conditions. Our mortuary chamber advance poliomas are made of corrosion-free metal components with urethral insulation, which ensure maximum thermal efficiency and durability.


  • Strong construction is rust free – External powder is coated / painted for internal finish and internal chamber is made of stainless steel (304 grades).
  • The outer panels of all our mortuary chambers are made of galvanized sheets, which have a better bacterial resistance film coating for better hygiene.
  • The internal chamber is made of SS-304 grade or G.I’s heavy gauge stainless steel sheet. (According to customer’s requirements). Thus, cleaning it becomes easier to ensure more consistency and life.
  • To maintain the uniformity of temperature in the chamber is equipped with durable coaxial blower for forced air circulation.
  • The outer front double walled door is untouched and has a very strong chrome plate hinges and is equipped with a hard chrome plated lubricated latch to open the door and equipped with high quality neoprene rubber gaskets for tight air fittings.
  • Mortuary Chambers floor is made from hard and reinforced steel sheets for easy cleaning and cleanliness.
  • Room powered illumination for easy visibility has been fitted inside the lamps chamber.
  • Made with adjustable trays used for storage of cadres stored on rollers.
  • High grade PUF insulation between the outer and internal chamber for minimum thermal damage. Made for long storage of cadresas.
  • ISI marked compressor / condensing units are CFC free and R-134 is cooled by an environmentally friendly refrigerant by the thin tap evaporator in the air circulation path.
  • The control panel with all the control and circuitry is placed on top of the fitted with the Temp. Controller Low Indicator, to select the desired temperature provided with the Volt meter on the panel to read the incoming voltage, the LED With the display high and low temperatures have been installed with audio visual alarm.
  • Mounted caster wheel for easy portability.
  • Supplied with cord and plug.

Operating voltage: 220V AC (50Hz).



  • Hospitals
  • Railway
  • Airports
  • Defense


Model No: KDSI/MC-15 KDSI/MC-25 KDSI/MC-35 KDSI/MC-45 KDSI/MC-65
Capacity Single Body Double Bodies Three Bodies Four Bodies Six Bodies
Temperature Range –2°C to 5°C
Temperature controller PID digital temperature indicator co-controller by microprocessor.
Readability +1°C
Deviation in Temp. +1°C
Display LED Display
Relay Solid State Electronic Relay with Protective Heat Sink
Temperature Sensor PT-100
Condenser Efficient condenser with automatic evaporation system (condensate)
Refrigerant R 134 Non CFC
Air Circulation By forced convection system
Maximum Permitted Load 150 kg
Insulation High Density PUF Insulation
Operations Near silent handling with ultra-low vibration
Voltage Indicator Fitted to panel by voltage meter
High Voltage Protection Via automatic voltage stabilizer (optional)
Electric Supply 220/230V AC, 50/60Hz



PLC Based Control Systems Direct thermal / dot matrix printer with touch screen display.
LCD Controller with Data Logger (16 x 2) Optional RS-485 communication port with inbuilt data recording, cable, window based software
Communication Port Communication port with interface and data cable to download data to your PC.
Serial Port (Printer) RS232
Regulated Voltage By Voltage Stabilizer Automatic


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