Humidifier KDSI makes industrial humidifier to make the level of moisture in the air, usually due to health reasons. The Pharmaceutical Air humidifier is also used in industrial climates, so that relative humidity can be controlled within some rooms to stay at favorable levels for the processing of products.


  • Microprocessor Controlled System
  • Extremely Silent
  • Automatically defrost the ambient temperature below 18 degree.
  • Backward Air Outlet
  • Adjustable wind direction and portable
  • Non-touch point tank full switch
  • Corrosion resistant coat
  • Easy to remove desiccant rotor
  • R-134a CFC-Free Refrigerant
  • Power Recirculating Compressor
  • Electric, steam, direct or indirect fired gas reactivation
  • Clean or Disposable 30% Inlet Air Filter
  • Easy installation and economical


  • Dry Air Storage (Multi-Purpose)
  • Production Facilities (Pharmaceutical)
  • Archives
  • Power Plants And Buildings
  • Defense
  • Food processing
  • Electronic Industry


Model No: KDSI/HF-91 KDSI/HF-92 KDSI/HF-93 KDSI/HF-94
Capacity 1 Ton 1.5 Ton 2 Ton 3 Ton
Body dimension (mm) 516 mm x 602mm x 1962 mm
Out packing (mm) 725mm x 655mm x 2065 mm
Humidity Control Up to 30%  +3%
Safety 3 minutes delay protection
Drainage methods Direct drainage
The ability to denote 160 L/day
N/W (kg) 143
cryogen R22
Applicable area (2.6-3m height) 160-200 sq.m.
control type LED, Computer, Digital display
Sensor Humidity sensor
Compressor Reciprocating
Voltage / cycle 3N 380V/440 V50Hz
Power input (W) 3000

Digital Humidity Controller With Sensor.


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