The KDSI Dynamic Pass Box is self-contained units installed on the entrance of the clean rooms. They reduce the amount of particle contamination and are easy to install and adapt to the existing facilities. These boxes work on the principle of opening a door at a time with electromagnetic interlocking so that any possibility of cross contamination can be avoided.

Dynamic pass box helps in transmitting content driven through controlled environments but without much workforce Apart from this, this box either helps in blocking the entrance between clean rooms or different classified areas. The pass box is also known as a clean room pass box.


  • Two stage filtration
  • Powder coated mild steel is available in combination with SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316 or both.
  • Finish – Matt Finish
  • Confirms GMP norms
  • Mechanical or electromagnetic interlocking
  • Floor and wall mounted design
  • Maximum chemical resistance construction
  • Modular and economical
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Made with beauty


  • Space applications
  • Life science
  • Chemical industry
  • Bio medical
  • Diagnostics labs
  • Pharmaceutical industry


Product Dynamic Pass Through Box
Construction Stainless Steel 304 / 316 / 316L
Door Solid door w / mechanical or electrical interlock
Window Tempered Glass
UV Lamp Optional
HEPA Filter Optional
Suction Filter Stainless Steel w/ 95% down to 5 µ Efficiency (EU-4 Rating.)
Supply Filter Aluminum w/ 99.999% down to 0.001 µ (EU-14 Rating.)
Blower Branded Heavy duty
Noise <78
Power Supply 220 / 230 Volts
Accessories Hour meter, Magnehelic / Minihelic Pressure Gauge
Electricals Hour meter, fluorescent light, UV light, electromagnet for door interlocking, buzzer and indicator lamp
Air Shower Facility Optional
Cleanliness Class 100
Certifications CE and ISO


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