About Us

KHUSHDIL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS is established in 2006. KHUSHDIL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS “is a leading manufacturer and supplier of GENERAL & CUSTOMIZED scientific, laboratories, Waste Water Treatment Plant, STP Plant & DM Plant equipment’s & We are the only company in our market that is completely configured to export most of what we manufacture.

KHUSHDIL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS is an Industry leader and progressive developer of advanced Laboratory and Pharmaceutical equipment ensures a positive customer experience by maintaining a collaborative alliance with its customers. And because of our worldwide presence, and because we listen carefully to our customers and our distributors, you can have confidence that KDSI products represent the best thinking in the global market. KHUSHDIL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS directs a highly efficient research, product development, manufacturing and customer service programmed. we are dedicated to continuous Pharmaceutical, Scientific and laboratories Equipment improvement based on market needs. Our company is in pursuit of Best Quality, Reliable and Dependable.

Our customers are confident that only with the best quality, reliable, and dependable products, can they be sure of the accuracy of their research and procedures. Cross functional teams from KDSI, R&D, Quality Assurance and Senior Management, are regularly assembled to review and implement areas for improvement. Our goal is to be a top global player. In pursuance of our objective, we are committed to maintain world-class quality standards, efficient delivery schedules, cost- effective rates and exceptional after sales service

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